Retro Ping Pong – Old But Gold

Are you sure you’ve seen all there is to see in the world of the game of ping-pong? Check out this unique retro-inspired game known as Retro Ping Pong. The game is packed with variations, exciting game modes settings, and ingenuous ways to keep you entertained.

Old games are not a good idea in the sense that they are. However, not so the case with Retro Ping Pong, an classic game that focuses on moving the ball to the player’s side. It’s a fast-paced pong game that you will soon be addicted to! Select a single-player mode and battle against an AI-controlled opponent. Or, grab an opponent and see who can dominate on the online Pong table. The game comes with two modes of play: Classic and Action. Pick classic ping pong with the ball and then serve it while playing defense with the other player or choose the action mode and receive exciting enhancements to make things more exciting. One upgrade you should look at will be the fireball. The upgrade lets the ball go across the field after it reaches the center of the circle and makes it difficult to hit and adding the flavor to an otherwise boring game.

The game also has three levels of play: rookie for beginners and veteran for players who are familiar with the rules of the game and an Ace for the best seasoned Ping Pong players. The game tests the eye and hand coordination by using simple scoring to keep track of. Make sure you hit the ball and then dish out some aces while doing it. This game brings back the nostalgia of old television sets and nights on the weekends with your loved ones, while also introducing some modern school equipment to keep you engaged. Bring back the nostalgia as you move between the two on one of the greatest rallies that you can take part in.